The Old Fishing Hole


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Today's Date: 3-24-2022

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A couple of days ago the OFM took to wanting to get busy fishing so we did. We motored on over to the boat ramp area of hwy 454 and got a good parking spot near The Old Fishing Hole. This is a place we fished before when the lake was only about 20 feet low instead of the 50 feet low now. It certainly made a lot of difference to the access of the area.

As the OFM meandered over to the edge of the hilltop we parked on, he got a bit cautious. Things had changed a lot since the last time in the area over a year ago. He stopped and looked over the edge of the steep slope toward our former fishing location and went into a NO WAY mode.

So we looked around a bit and found a makeshift trail down the slope to the floating dock moored at the water. As we navigated the trail we came upon some nice yellow flowers in bloom.

The trail took us to the floating dock/pier. It is definitely a volunteer trail but still a decent one. We fished the banks on both sides of the dock and then carefully stepped onto the dock. It proved to be very stable and the OFM was glad.

This is very rock cliff country. Here is the view to the left of the dock,

Then an about face to enjoy the view to the right of the dock,

This would be a great location to work over the area from a kayak. Nope we will not be the kayakers to do that but we do plan to do more meandering while shore fishing in the future. A large 30 inch range charcoal gray catfish did do a roll at the surface close to the OFM to show that there are still fish in the area. But we got no bites in the twenty minutes we were there. Then it was back to the Castle to grab a few pictures of the setting sun. This one was chosen to show.

And then it was very late. The time change has got the OFM body schedule really messed up. But it was a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Looks like you had that whole part of the lake to yourself. That's always nice. And the water looks pretty nice too.

    1. Amistad is nearly always very clear water. On this day it was about five feet of clarity.

  2. Not a lot of topsoil around there. I guess that probably contributes to clear water. Glad you were out and about and I assume your arm is better. I myself am still having a bit of trouble with the time change. Always do. At least I don't have to go to a job anymore. Yea!