Old But New Trail


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-7-2022

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The morning hard blowing cold north wind mixed with the rain was the OFM's alarm clock this morning. Therefore we did not go outside until it was lunch time. The latest painting got all the attention and was completed. Here it is for viewing.

After lunch the area had dried out and got up to the mid 50's so we went over to the State Park to get in some walking if possible. Once in the park the OFM decided we could go check a possible fishing place.

So Sierra got us to the parking spot to access the trail down to the lake. We stepped out and headed to the trail head with a ticklish feeling nose. About then we noticed all the huge volume of new blooms of the achoo plant (Huisache). Here is what the pretty yellow beasts look like.

At least the walk was nice in the still cool breeze. When we got to the rocky point the OFM meandered a bit then took this picture.

Immediately to our right is a deeper area with this rock slope leading down out of site. Then to the back is a land point that turned out to be a ridge of dirt leading to a shallow small flat. What we hope is that this means that there is a deeper pocket of water with a sand flat on one side and a small cliff of rock on the other side. That could be a great fishing location for the Teams. The far shoreline is Mexico.

The chill wind was giving us fits and chills so we made good time heading back to Sierra.

We made another stop at a spot that a couple of decades ago the OFM used to follow a narrow dirt patch to a slough that headed up to the old ranchers landing strip. Upon exploration we determined that the wild critters must still be using that path, so now we have another place to get in some wonderful meandering for trying to have tooooo much fun.


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    1. You are right of course and the worst is I knew better. Thank you for the help. I appreciate all the help I can get.

  2. It IS a frog. I like this painting very much. Well done.