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In The Box


Adventure Location: Del Rio, Texas

Today's Date: 3-29-2022

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A few days ago we were wanting an item from Amazon but did not have a location to send it to for delivery. Being very mobile sometimes has a drawback associated with it. Well, the Amazon site asked if we wanted to use their drop box system since there was a box near us. The OFM had no idea how it worked so we asked for an explanation and to our surprise got a nice clear full explanation of how to use it.

So we went online and found that Del Rio had a drop box only five minutes from our normal lunch location. OK let us give them a chance we thought. The order was placed and they came back with an acceptable receiving date of today. So the OFM took the chance and ordered the item. Now we had to wait about five days for the receipt day.

The email came in about noon that the package was ready to be picked up. We also found out our special one time code to “open the box.” Whatever that meant.

However further instructions with the code told how to use the code. Our trouble was not having any idea what the delivery system looked like. So we went over to the location before lunch.

We had the address and a name to look for for the delivery point. As we drove on a main street in old Del Rio this is what we saw.

So we whipped right in and parked, The OFM grabbed his note with the code and walked up to the blue boxes of several sizes. The instructions were clearly printed and clearly composed. He punched in the code number on the keyboard and a door popped open and hit him on the arm. Reaching inside the box our package was retrieved and checked for the correct name. Then we stepped back to Sierra and pitched it into the back seat. The OFM hopped into the driver seat and headed out toward lunch. Check out this----total elapsed time to park, retrieve the package and get back on the street was less than three minutes. The OFM cannot walk to an RV park mail delivery spot and back in that short of a time. This was great. It may allow us to receive packages when we are camped in remote locations like now, if there is a delivery box somewhere in reasonable range. This new fangled stuff might even add to our trying to have tooooo much fun time.


  1. Modern technology does help one at having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Amazon also has 'hub counter' locations in some retail establishments. We have no drop-box locations within 90 miles of us but use the hub counter (Just walk up to the counter with your pickup code and ask) at a small pharmacy 17 miles from the property.

    1. Thank you. I knew about them but forgot to mention them for my readers.

  3. You confused me with the term, drop box. Doesn't Amazon call them "lockers."?

    1. You are right. Drop box is and OLD man term from the 60's.