Shell Chimes


Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 3-11-2022

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These shell chimes are hanging in the gazebo near the restrooms. Some body put a good bit of work into them and they are nice for sure.

The gazebo is where the lending library, park microwave and give it away for free stuff is found. It also is a gathering spot to discuss really important stuff like do I want another cup of coffee or not.

Today we are have heavy wind with sand blowing with great vigor. Sand is even blowing in through the window drain vents into the Castle. Gonna be a mess of wiping required after the cold front rips on through tonight. Our low is supposed to be in the upper 30's.

Somewhere around the area in the last few days this picture of the golden halo prickly pear cactus was taken. We thought it special that the sun and thorns had given the plan the gold halos around the pads.

Supper last night came out well and it was not stoup for the doubters that the OFM cooks regular food on occasion. Check out the chicken breast, big salad and shredded potatoes with BBQ sauce topping. Yep it was first class.

And last but far from least, Falcon Lake is still giving up lots of fish for the boaters that can get up lake to the cliffs areas to fish. There were five limits of 25 large legal crappie on the cleaning table yesterday when we checked on the catching,

The wind should die down in a few hours and we will have a nice chilly night of quiet sleep. We need to be rested for running around in the cold in the morning trying to have tooooo much fun.