Fingernail Polish

Adventure Location:  Rockport,Texas
Adventure Date: 12/02/2017
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The OFM was walking across the Walmart parking lot in the dark just minding his business when the explosions happened. Three significant ground shaking explosions with intense flashes of bright light vibrated everything around him. His combat infantry history kicked in with great vigor. From the dirty asphalt he frantically searched the surrounding area for where the trouble was! The gorgeous fireworks that showed up next from about two blocks away were a wonderful relief. He was afraid it was a terrorist attack or something bad wrong like LPG tanks exploding. 

After his heart slowed down and he got up, he was able to watch the show over the trees. He certainly would like to have know it was going to happen. The bright moon and the bright fireworks made for some nice viewing. He was wishing he had the camera with him but it was safe back in the Castle.

On to calmer things now. There are still a few flowers around the beach area in spite of Hurricane Harvey blowing most of them away. Here is a tough little flower that withstood Harvey and is standing proud right near the boat ramp. Most of the vegetation in the area of the boat ramp took a severe beating from the water and wind. However now we are three months since Harvey went away and even the beat up plants and trees are well into recovery.

During our walks around this area we are accumulating some neat photographs. They will be presented as they are processed and ready for viewing.

This next picture was taken looking down into the water from a pier. The water was very clear and this jellyfish was messing around next to the bottom in about three feet of water. The Teams were surprised at how well the picture turned out.

Another time we were walking along and some debris came floating by. The OFM grabbed a few shots of the stuff with particular attention to the feather floating amongst the debris. He cropped the photograph and thought it came out a nice photo in spite of him. You be the judge.

 Another time the OFM was walking along a bulkhead checking the water and bottom for anything interesting. A nice female blue crab came easing along being crabby. She saw the OFM and maneuvered this way and that and the OFM just followed along. Of the several pictures taken this one was chosen to display.

How can you tell it is a female? It is easy the females blue crabs have the tip of their pincers painted with fingernail polish. Or at least the tips look like it. Look at the very tip of the orange claws and notice the dark red polish on them.

Can you imagine how simple minded the OFM must be when he considered looking at a crab a way of trying to have tooooo much fun?

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