Patooie SNOW

Adventure Location:  Rockport,Texas
Adventure Date: 12/07/2017

The good news is that the Man O War sting has finished with the OFM and he is doing well from that event. The bad news is that winter arrived about 1600 that day and has been an unwelcome visitor. The weather radar stays the same all day and night except the storm does roam around.

The ducks are wearing arctic parkas and insulated rubber boots. The people are wanting to move farther south. It's the normal winter weather here. Drizzle cold rain, 20 mph wind to move the drizzle sideways, no sign of the sun and folks moving quickly when they HAVE to go outside.

 Maybe we are lucky that ice is a never to be seen item on the roads. The OFM is wearing more clothes than he did when he left Washington in October of 2007. Yep, the six weeks of winter down here is not very nice. Wet cold is bad enough but this soggy drippy sloppy soaked air cold is very miserable. When your Frogg Togg rain suit soaks through you know it is not nice.

Meanwhile the OFM has a scratchy throat, draining sinus, headachy and a generally viral feeling to help his attitude. We think he left his”trying to have tooooo much fun” somewhere in the sun a few days ago.


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