Dog In The Beach

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/17/17

The OFM had shopping chores to do this morning but somehow he managed to spend some time down near the beach taking some pictures. He still has a natural laziness meanderingness that controls him.

One interesting item is this post that was installed a few years ago. It has aged badly on the seaward side. As you can see the constant battle with the salt water is a losing cause. But to our surprise, even though the post is at the water and open to the bay, Hurricane Harvey did NO damage to it.

The tides are running a couple of feet low. That gives a view of some rocks that we normally dodge with our lures while fishing. As the OFM looked across the seldom viewable sand, he noticed this particular rock. WOW, that rock looks like a puppy dog coming out of the sand.  Sure enough the rest of the Teams could see the suggested image also. We hope our readers can also see the image of the dog looking to the left in the rock.

In spite of the miserable cold a neighbor went out wade fishing today and brought home three nice speckled trout that he planned on having for supper. We guess that wading in the water in cold weather is another great way of trying to have tooooo much fun?

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