Fishing Tip

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/22/17

First you lay your nice fishing rod up against the rear fender of Sierra. Next you open the door and get some rigging out. Then you step away from the door for some sunlight to see better with your old eyes. Then you jump when the wind slams the door shut. Next you turn around to see your newly door customized two piece fishing rod.

Next you carefully pick up the rod and try to control the broken graphite shards flapping around. Then you carefully stab a shard into your left hand pointer finger to make a point.

Next you pull out your multi tool and open the very sharp blade to try to get the shard of graphite out of your throbbing finger. The edge of your knife makes a razor seem dull, so you are being very careful by bracing your finger on the truck fender. It is not a big shard but your sharp knife could easily make it a big cut.

Eventually you get the shard dug out of your finger and wash the cut with some drinking water that is chlorinated. Yes it hurts a lot.......x@%#&((^$%xx. Then you dry it off with your well used fishing towel.  Sit back on the truck bumper for a few minutes to recover your senses before you head to the water to fish.

And that is how you start off a great fishing trip where you never even get one nibble. Don’t you just love fishing.

A couple of days ago the Teams took a picture of the crowd of beach campers on the Padre Island NP beach.

You do have to be careful about how soft the beach sand is according to some of our readers. It does not seem too crowded to us. For some folks camping on a salt water beach is a lot of fun.

The latest change in the saga of OFM Adventures happened today. The OFM turned notice canceling his reservations in Rockport, Texas for year 2018 in order to have a base camp established. As of today we are back into rolling mode as the mood and weather allows. 

We checked our records and found we were stagnant in two different campgrounds for ten months total of 2017. We are not content with that style of RVing. As of today we have reservations here in Rockport until Feb. 1. Our plan is to roll somewhere no later that Feb.1. Weather (cold) is holding us until late January. That also gives the OFM time to check out some new to us locations for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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