OFM In A Fog

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/19/17

We have been having really interesting fog events the last two days and the idiot OFM had been forgetting his camera. So finally today we got a nice picture of the fog closing in on a private fishing pier in Fulton.

A few minutes later the pier was not visible.  Then shortly later the whole cloud just vanished in a few seconds. The sun came out and it was 74 and bright hot sun. Tee shirts and shorts were the dress of preference most of the day.

A big chunk of the day was spent wondering the best way and time to run around touring some scenic locations. What scenic locations? These were a couple of the locations in consideration.

This is the road to Guadalupe Mountains NP. There are about 4000 scenic pictures along those roads.

Then inside the park are walking trails all over the place and some of them are pretty nice little walks like this one above.

Part of the time the OFM piddled with some colored pencils on the back of a sheet of paper that had been a scratch sheet. He managed to put together this hint of a drawing set down at the beach.

When it was finally time for supper he decided to try his hand a cooking for a change. The stir fry sausage came out really well. It was good enough he licked the plate TWICE.

And tonight the Internet in the campground is working so there is a new blog post about his efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun in the sun.

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