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Critters In The Water

Adventure Location:  Rockport,Texas
Adventure Date: 12/01/2017
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Sometimes a photograph is taken of something that turns out to be not worth the electrons. Then other times the object of the photograph is not worth an electron but the things in the area are really worth the electrons and time to ready them for publication in the blog.

On this day this photograph was taken from a pier with the camera about eight feet above the water. The water was about three feet deep. The rock these critters were on is on the bottom of the bay. The camera was at its maximum optical zoom. What the photo was taken to show we have no idea. Most experienced photographers learn to relish these happy accidents and run with them. The OFM is so incompetent that when a happy accident happens he dances like the fool he is that something neat was photographed.

Cropping and some color balancing was all that was done to this picture. Here is the first cropping from the original picture.

The critter grouping looked pretty cute to us as it sat on the computer. Then the OFM began to play with the cropping and other keys he should stay away from. Suddenly he messed up and got this next shot where the minnows really came out in force. Wow that is different in appearance.  He messed with the “color balance” slider and finally decided on this as a neat picture and wasted some more electrons.

And it was nice also. Now he began to wonder what those shelled critters are. So he looked around a bit on the Internet but he wasn’t smart enough to figure out anything. So if a reader knows what they are please comment.

Now that he had pushed that limit and got lucky the OFM fiddled with more keys. It is a really good thing this program has a fantastic “UNDO” magic key. He finally cropped down to this last picture and did a bit of color balancing to make it look more natural. Now we have a good closeup of an unknown monster ready to pounce and eat us.

And he still has no idea what the identity of the critter is. We feel like this is a pretty good enlargement from a picture taken in those circumstances. We are definitely sure the Teams had tooooo much fun taking the picture at the Rockport Beach near the swimmers.

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