Big Orange Blob

Adventure Location:  Sinton, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/13-14/2017

The OFM was not feeling his best and could not figure out why.  A trip to the wonderfully healing Welder Park in Sinton, Texas was taken to get in some kicking back and peacefulness. It is about a thirty minute trip from the Castle and the trip is through the cropland and windmills. It is a drier climate and usually softer air than the wet coastal salt laden environment.

Sierra got us there and parked amongst the trees that are all over this park. There is a couple of miles of nice walking paths and another large chunk of land for just plain old meandering. It turned out to be a good day for meandering for the body and the mind.

Notice the huge are behind Sierra for meandering. There is an area at least as large and tree smothered behind the photographer. The Teams have camped in the campground here a few times in the past and it was very nice back then.

A big orange ball was in the crotch of a live oak tree we noticed. It was bigger than a basket ball. A close up with the camera did not reveal enough detail to be sure exactly what it was. We are guessing some sort of fungi.

As we wandered around the park, we noticed lots of piles of wires and electrical boxes scattered in a rough pattern.

It seemed to be some sort of underground surveying equipment.  This is a significant oil producing area around here. If you recognize the equipment and what it is used for please let us know what it is for.

It ended up being a great relaxing time for the Teams. But the OFM was not finished yet.

When we were leaving Alabama we gave Beautiful Bike back to The OFM’s DIL.  It was just to nice a bike to take it down here to the coast and let the salt air ruin it.  Since then the OFM has been trying to decide whether to get another kayak or another bike.

Today he decided he would rather have a bike to use everywhere and not have to worry about damage by the elements. So we thought it out and decided we wanted a lesser costly bike to join the Teams. The OFM feels the Teams will get a lot more use and fun from a bike than a kayak now days.

Some research was put into the consideration and then a trip today to look at good but not expensive bikes. Academy Sports was chosen as the first stop. The OFM perused the large quantity of bikes available. None of them was just right. But just right would cost several dollars more. So a couple of hard choices were made and this black bike came home with us.

We will be accessorizing it to fit our desires over the next few weeks. It was $140 drive out and fits the OFM body very well. We did not want the suspension part of the bike but that was a concession we felt the OFM could live with. It does not have the super low gearing we wanted but maybe the OFM does not need to be going into places needing super low gearing any more. It will be a great adventure addition to the OFM current abilities. And most likely will be a considerable factor in many trying to have tooooo much fun adventures.

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