Malaquite Campground

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/27/17

According to the OFM when it is cold, wet and windy outside like today, his mattress gets lonely and needs his warm large body on it a couple of times each day for an hour or so. We are not so sure he is telling the real story. So while he is doing his good deed for the mattress we are arranging the work needing to be done so he has PLENTY to keep him busy when he comes back to life.

Yesterday we went down to Padre Island National Seashore ( PINS ) and gathered a few million photographs. This afternoon we have it lined out for the OFM to cull and edit a few for tonight’s blog entry. We also have a small sledge hammer to talk to him with, if needed.

We arrived at the PINS Malaquite campground after lunch with the idea of shooting a couple of pictures of the campground. Forty pictures later we moved on to another area of the park for a later posting. GEEEEZ that camera trigger finger goes berserk sometimes.

So now we start at the first part of the Malaquite Campground area. The dump station is right before you go through the dunes to get to the camping area. It is well laid out with generous turning radius corners. Two rigs at a time can fit into the facility to take care of business. 

The next thing you see as you continue is the sign telling you that you are in the right place. The campground is a long paved road to your left and right. Campsites are on both sides of the road. We have found that the maneuvering room is very adequate for the Castle and Sierra. There is turning loops at each end so you do not get dead ended in a nasty situation.
This is what a dune side campsite looks like. In this picture the beach is to the right.

The campsites are fairly large. On this day only one site was occupied on the dune side. We liked the dune side best when we have stayed here because the site is totally paved so no sand or stickers to contend with.

The beach side was mostly occupied. This next picture of one end of the beach side was taken from the grass line of the beach back toward the camping. This side has grass, sand and stickers to entertain you.

The beach front fishing is a year round item in this area. Usually there is some type of fish biting. Shark fishing is popular along the PINS beaches.

The restrooms have showers and toilets but keep in mind there is NO hot water supplied but they are cleaned daily. Here is the shower/restroom building and it is centrally located in the Malaquite camping area.

And here is look inside the rest room at the facilities available.

There is a nice couple of paths down to the beach from the campground. The visitor center is about a quarter mile from the campground so it is walk or bike distance by road or beach. Bike riding has lots of road to ride on and miles and miles of beach riding. Grocery stores etc are about 15 miles back toward Corpus Christi. All in all it is a rather nice place to spend a few days trying to have tooooo much fun..

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