Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Like a Wart Hog

Adventure Location:  Rockport Beach, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/2017

It was a beautiful morning a few days ago and the OFM Photography Team was out chasing pictures early.  We were finding lots of pictures to take and even a few that have resided in the blog already. Naturally the OFM was meandering in places most folks don’t go, like on his knees or fat belly on the wet beach sand. That fool will do nearly anything to get “the picture”.

Well what in the world has his attention so intently. Sea grasses washed up on the Rockport Beach did. Now and then we would see some dohicky or bauble of interest for a second but mostly it was thin hunting for pictures on the beach that morning.

As we reached the far end of the mile long beach, the sea grasses had been washed ashore and arranged for us to admire. This was the first sight that caught his attention. He was still on his feet but squatted down to maximum pain level to take this nice overall picture of the scene. Notice how close the water is to the grasses.

One squat like that served notice that the OFM would not be doing another one like it for a long time. So after that, any low pictures were taken with straight knees but not necessarily vertical legs.

This next picture was about ten feet away and reminded us of some grass covered rolling hills in Oregon near the John Day River. That is some fantastic country to see up there in Oregon.

 Anyway he clambered down safely to the horizontal on the damp sand. Carefully the salty sand was kept out of the camera and a few pictures taken. Apparently he was a wiggle wort that morning and only this shot was not too fuzzy.

From down on the sand he noticed a slightly different view of the grasses. So he wallowed his fat tummy around like a happy wart hog and lined up for another shot.

Click/splash happened about the same moment as a small wave washed up onto his feet and legs. He jumped and squealed like a stuck wart hog. The Teams found it a lot more amusing than he did. Here is the picture. You nice folks tell us if it was worth the “excitement” to get the shot or not.

The mile or so back to Sierra was not as pleasant as the mile to the “incident” location. When we returned to the Castle the OFM was ready for dry warm socks. Sometimes you just have to climb right down into it to get the picture. The Teams feel that that is when you are enjoying the most about trying to have tooooo much fun.

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