Not With It

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Adventure Date: 12/24/17

The really bad migraine hit yesterday afternoon and the headache is still very evident. That did not stop the OFM Teams from getting around to Meander the neighborhood slowly.

The Rockport Art Center garden was the location of a few pictures and a little walking. The hurricane damages is slowly being cleaned up here but it has a good way to go yet. This palm tree had gotten leaned way over. Apparently the powers that be decided it needed to be cut off and hauled away.

We think it would have looked pretty neat arching over the sidewalk. Maybe the stump agrees because it seems to be crying over the event.

As we meandered along the path we could see the damage was minimal at most locations. At another seemingly undamaged palm the center looked funny to us.

On closer inspection it seemed to have something odd clustered around the center. It was not identifiable by any of the Team Members.

We meandered on along the nice paved path to the end of the path where there was a bush trying to bloom to show it was not defeated by a little breeze like a 140 mph hurricane. One tough bush we decided.

We meandered down by the water and it is very low from the north winds. The bottom was clearly visible but the OFM was clearly not with it since he did not take a picture. It proved to be a nice walk and a welcome visit to the garden. As usual the area around the harbor is a nice place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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