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Visiting Trees

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

Well it appears we will get a blog posting tonight. The Wifi here at Point Mallard Campground is supplied by the City of Decatur. For the last few days we have been having lots of troubles getting to do our usual things on the Wifi. There has been a lot of disconnects. Doing much of a download has been basically impossible. Today things seem to have gotten better but not as good as it used to be.

The Teams have been doing a lot of walking in the park and the nearby area. The camera has been getting a workout for sure. Usually we start at the first trail opening near the Castle and wander around the park and trails until we decide it is time to head back to the Castle. The first part of the trails is a canopied trail about a quarter mile long. At the end of that trail there are basically six different trails to choose from at that point. Here is a scene looking along the first trail.

Along most of the heavily wooded sections of trails in the park as some tree that sheds its bark. The bark falls off the tree and gets hung up in the underbrush like in this picture. The piece of bark is about two and a half feet long.

Not too far from the Castle is a creek that comes in from Flint Creek, goes through the forest and comes out near the Castle. This is where any flood waters will come in that attack the Castle. 

It has been pretty hot for the last days since the hurricane residue left the area. Today got up to 87 and really high humidity.  The OFM did not spend much time out in the heat until very late afternoon.

Tomorrow we head down to south of Birmingham to visit a fellow and his wife. The OFM met them while he was working in Washington State long ago in ancient history times. It should be a nice visit since they are really nice folks. We will likely have a great time trying to have tooooo much fun.

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