Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening



Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The morning was nice starting out and got better for most of the day. Later in the morning the OFM started in on getting used to his golf clubs. He had not played a round of golf with them yet but it was getting to be time. Keep in mind that his legs can walk a 9 hole round of golf but after that he is finished for the day. If he is going to play 18 holes it is riding a cart from the start.

Any way he needed to work out the golf clubs some. It had been a lot of months since a serious round of golf and some of the clubs had never been on a course. So late morning came along and the Teams and clubs went to the practice range to learn about hitting golf balls all over.

An hour and a half later the OFM was tired and soaked with sweat in the warm morning sun. The good news is all the clubs worked very well. The OFM did not work nearly as well.  Anyway the clubs we chose for playing golf were stored in the bag and the others put into storage in the Castle.

Lunch came and went while taking care of some nonsense. Then in later afternoon we were able to take the OFM Golf Playing Team over to the golf course to try our luck with 9 holes of actual golf. The OFM plays the old folks tees. They are rated for 18 holes at 67.3, slope 109, and 5881 yards. This is a nice course that is interesting without being a killer but you do need to pay attention to score decently.

We were going along having a nice time in the heat and keeping the golf ball in play. The OFM did not expect to have a good round after all this time without serious playing. We had our share of OOPS shots and WOW that is great shots. To the OFM’s major surprise, when the score was totaled it was 44 for 9 holes. That was respectable for an old decrepit fool who had not played in many months. He was quite content.

Later tonight we heard from an old friend that we knew from the campground in Rockport. They have decided to not come down to the Texas coast this year for the winter. We had quite a neat group of folks for a few years but age has been changing things for all of us. Life does change doesn’t it.

Shooting a fair round of golf is a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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