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Time Flys

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

We just realized it is near the end of September already. That means we have been here almost two months already. Currently the plan is to roll out by the end of October to ? If you know where we are going let us know because we sure don’t and we do not want to miss the turn.

For some reason this time here in Gavinland has been a very busy time. There has been nearly no art attempts since we got here. However we have had some major walking, biking, golfing and grandkidding. Of course we were also entertained with the tail end of Hurricane Harvey rains and them the western rains of Hurricane Irma.

It  seems like the spiders in the woods have been busy spinning webs so walkers can get a face full often while walking through the woods. We managed to see this web over our heads without getting too involved in it.

That sure made a pretty sparkle in the sunlight was we passed under it.

The brilliant green of the foliage is easing back in this area.  The greens are much more subdues and taking on a yellow tint like they are getting tired. Here is a nice yellow leaf cluster that was near the soccer fields.

More and more of them are showing up daily.

Another color one type of tree likes is this purplish leaf. They can be beautiful when they are in mid-purpling?  Later they get to be a main color in the area.

For the last couple of days the OFM has been trying to get his golf playing back in order. He has never been a great golfer to say the least, but sometimes he even finds the ball he hit after he hits it. The course  here has a front nine holes that are a lot tougher than the back nine holes. The OFM has been walking the front nine about five times a “week working on his game”. Par for the front nine is 36 and the last two rounds the OFM shot 44 for his score. That is about as good as he gets. He cannot handle walking the whole course in one outing. The front nine alone measures about 3.5 miles to walk. That is enough for him. It is also the most fun half of the course.

Friday is supposed to start the cooler temperatures for the area and by the end of October it will be downright chilly. That is OK because the Teams will have cooler weather for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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