Morning Sun


The Raunch

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The OFM has had a rough night and day today. Something has him feeling pretty raunchy. We did make a food trip and come back with a few days of food.A little stocking up is a good idea with the fringe of Irma looking like it has invited itself into the area starting about Tuesday. Mostly it is mild winds and a bit of rain for three days.

A couple of miscellaneous chores were done but nothing requiring serious effort was attempted. The trip over to the golf course was a joke. The OFM didn’t have enough strength to hit the ball very far. Eventually he realized he might as well go back to the Castle and sleep. That is what he did to our surprise. The OFM doing something he ought to do, now that is a real happening.

Here we are at the weekend and we have several new campers for the weekend. We are guessing that a football game or two is on tap for the next couple of days. This may be a good weekend for starting a few attempts at some new art.

 Yep that would be a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun and resting as a person heals from a case of the THE RAUNCHY feeling.

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