Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening



Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The chore was a big one but the Teams thought the OFM could handle it. It was $7.28 of expense already but it seemed the right thing to do. The package was opened and placed on the counter to plan the attack. It certainly is a chore said the OFM.

So he sat down and went to work. First he ate that part then this part then some more and he kept on eating. It is a good thing he has a huge belly or he would have exploded. After a very long time he put down the fork and declared VICTORY.

That pulled pork was pretty good even if he had to stretch his belt a few inches to handle it all.

As you might guess it is now time for the horizontal position. Hopefully this huge meal tonight will put the OFM back into a healthy style so we can get busy trying to have tooooo much fun again.

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