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Tate Farms

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

Here it is 2210 on Saturday night and the OFM just has to tell the tale. The Teams hit Gavin’s house about 1400 today for a special event. Gavin’s dad had tickets to Tate Farms for this afternoon. Tate Farms is a sort of amusement park with LOTS of kid stuff to do. The OFM was sitting over there drooling “ lots of kid stuff OH BOY”. Here is their website.   Tate Farms

This was a special event  given to employees and relatives of the company the OFM’s son works for. We did hay mazes, corn train ride, petting critters, inflated bed jumping and four hours of fun. Gavin was one worn out young grandson at the end of the event. Two pumpkins even followed us home.
This is the THREE MOOCH KATEERS having the  lunch of BBQ sandwich, mac and cheese, potato salad and baked beans. It was all very good food.

We were all beat when we got home to Gavin’s house. Then the OFM had an hour drive to get back to the Castle. And now everyone is totally worn our from having WAY Tooooozzzz much fun.

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