Morning Sun


Surprise Heat

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

It was a nice wakeup this morning to sunshine. After breakfast the OFM did some more considering for travels but could not come to any worthwhile conclusions for places to go for the fall. It was turning out to be a nothing special day due to the heavy humidity from all the rains and the fact we are right on the edge of Wheeler Lake.

After returning from a trip to a couple of stores to consider some purchases the OFM decided that we could attempt to play golf about 1430. By then it was 82 and feeling pretty warm. So we hit the course and made it to the green of the second hole. You start a round of golf by heading off into the thick trees near the lake. There is no wind usually and today was worse. If you dropped a thread it would fall like a rock. However if it was dry to start when it left your hand it would be dripping wet by the time it got to the ground. It was not pleasant out there this afternoon.

On the third hole the OFM noticed his body was not feeling worth a flip. When he hit his drive, it was more like a weak mosey. It was then he noticed he was suffering from the humidity and zero wind accompanying the bright hot sun. He got under a tree and tried to cool off a bit. After a few minutes he grabbed his gear and started the long walk off the course. The heat was winning and he was leaving.
When we got back to the Castle, he sat in front of a fan for nearly an hour of recuperation time. Then it was time for some more research on the Internet. Around 1800 we hit up the chicken joint nearby for supper and have spent the rest of the evening with a fan blowing on the OFM. Yep he did good getting out of the heat and humidity today. We certainly were not expecting a heat event today but a person needs to always be careful.

Tomorrow we are planning some more bike riding for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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