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Involuntary Slowdown

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

It is sort of good news in a way.  Today the OFM pulled his data about his last few weeks of golf practice and playing. The news says that he is old. WHOA, make that OLD. Golf is designed to be played from the set of tees that suit your abilities for distance when whacking the golf ball.  The tees set the length that you will play for the course. For Point Mallard from the back tees plays at a distance of 7064 yards. That is longer than some of the PGA courses.

The tees the OFM started playing at seven years ago were the tees playing at 6585 yards. Then two years ago the OFM could no longer hit the ball far enough to play those tees. The next set of tees he has been playing the last two years and the start of this summer season play at a distance of 5881 yards.

 However the statistics show that the OFM is too wimpy to play them tees any more and starting tomorrow he will be moving up to the shortest playing tees at 5325 yards. This moving forward is the result of age because he still hits the fairway with 85%  of his drives. When he started playing here he hit his driver about 240 yards average distance. The data from the last three weeks shows that the OFM now hits his driver about 190 yards. That means he is right at the driving distance for a course of 5300 yards.
So what does this prove??????

It shows that the OFM is OLD and getting slower in his quickness. Rory, Dustin, Jordan and the others no longer have to worry about the OFM coming out to the course and giving them a bad beating. However the bright spot is that the OFM can still walk the front nine holes of golf pulling his clubs in a pull cart. That is 3.5 miles of up and down walking in about two hours if he hit the ball straight all the time (and that does not happen).

So there you have it. Slow, old but still out there trying to have tooooo much fun.

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