Rockport Tx Beach Park Evening


Gun Fire

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

This morning was spent pouring over the Google Maps update of the Rockport Texas area. It shows a lot of the damage so the OFM had to look around to see what has changed. The good news is that the main fishing places are still there. The Fulton pier is missing a few sections. We were glad to see there was no evidence of major saltwater wave action damage.

This is the weekend the Battle for Decatur is recreated. The OFM had forgotten about it and when the first rifle fire and cannons firing happened he banged his head on the ceiling of the Castle. Thank goodness his hard head did not damage the Castle. 

Then later in afternoon, the OFM decided it was time to attempt to play golf again for the first time in over a year. The Golf Team hit the golf course and quickly realized the OFM thought he was ready for pulling his clubs and walking the front nine holes. The rest of the Team members were very doubtful but we all pushed on anyway. It was not pretty golf. He managed a huge score of 46 for the front nine. A good score would be 36.

However when you think about it several items come to mind. He had not played in nearly a year. He was playing new to him clubs that he did not know how far he would hit them, he was playing a new to him type of golf ball (for worn out old fat men) that he had no experience about how it would behave and he was towing his clubs on a two wheel cart as he walked instead of riding a motorized cart. On the other hand, he did not lose a ball. Only one tee shot was not in the fairway And that one only missed by about five feet.

Now tonight he is already dreading the middle of the night potty run when he has to get all these long unused muscles to get rolling on command. We are betting it will be a very sore event. But the playing was worth the forthcoming misery. Yep golf for fun not competition is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun and exercise.

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