Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


School Days

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

It was Grandparents day at Gavin’s kindergarten school. There was quite a gathering of folks from far and near. They gave a drink cup to the folks that came the furtherest to the event. Many were from out of state and had their hands up. the principal started whittling them down and soon the OFM was the last grandparent standing at 1000 miles away. So he was the big winner of the day.

Next each class group was escorted to the proper class room (ZOO). Gavin got a big surprise since he thought only his grandmother and her husband were coming. The OFM was already in the room when Gavin finally noticed he was there. He got a bit excited to say the least.  Cute little events were presented but the noise level from about 20 five year old’s was deafening. Those teachers are superhuman for sure. The OFM and grandma and her husband were very ready for some quiet time when we all exited the building.

We recently go a new picture from at the home front of Gavin doing a bit of baby care. He seems to take his duties with the baby care fairly seriously. This was pacifier replacement duty while Piper was rocking.

The OFM plans a quieter day tomorrow. Grandma and her husband are searching for a new home in this area. It is proving to be quite a search and has been going on for many months now. They are wanting to leave Houston when her husband retires in about a year or so. 

The OFM even thought he could round out the day with some golf late in the evening but he proved to be too worn from all the other activities. This trying to have tooooo much fun is hard work some times.

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