Morning Sun


Old Friends

Adventure Location: Birmingham, Al.

It was a good bit of driving to their home but it was done safely coming and going. Birmingham is not a great place to drive around but it is better than Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth for sure.

The Teams got there nearly on time and the visiting began. They are super nice younger folks and have a nice location out in the heavily wooded area out from Birmingham. We did some serious sitting and talking, then some serious hamburger eating and finished the visit with some more serious visiting. Catching up on a few years can be a lot of hot air you know.

Naturally it came time to head out for the Castle before we finished talking but the OFM did not want to fight the Birmingham getting off work traffic. As it was it was bad enough it took about twenty minutes longer to get home than to get there.

The OFM was pooped and went to bed early for some rest. Alas it was not to be. A migraine woke him about 0400. So he crawled over to the bath room and took a few pounds of ibuprofen and slithered back to bed.  He has been just easing around today until about 1500 when things eased off a lot. There is hope he may get out and around tomorrow for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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