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Correcting An Error

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

We had a serious time of forgetfulness last night. The new to us campground we will be going to in Rockport is Route 1069 RV Park.  The important thing is that they have a few more spaces available if you are wanting one. Hit the link above and talk to them. They are less than a mile from the harbor area and some pretty good bank fishing.

Today was mainly a piddle around day. Some lazy shopping and a longggggggg nap after lunch was the main events. BB now has a rear rack of a light duty style. We plan on NOT doing any heavy duty riding any more so lighter duty equipment is all we need anymore.

While testing out the latest bike changes we stopped by the lake end of the creek that runs near the Castle. It is sort of a scary swamp section when the light is not good. This picture has been lightened a bit. The still water and swampy look gives us some nice reflections we think.

There is not a lot of heavy activity going on but we are enjoying being gentle while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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