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Exercise Attitude

Adventure Location:  Decatur, Alabama

The cool morning got the OFM of his chair polisher and put him on Beautiful Bike for a nice gentle ride. BB has seven gears and we use mostly four of them. More that seven is definitely too many for the Teams abilities this late in life. It was a nice ride and lots of folks were out walking and riding and cheerful. 

The OFM walks and rides to the speed of his aerobicness. Heavy breathing and powerful heart beating is a thing of the past. Once he gets his heart up to a noticeable beat rate and his breathing definitely deeper, that is our exercise speed. 

We, long ago, came to be fans of the longer but more gentle type of exercise.  It also lets his joints get flexing under light loads so they hurt way less than in the past, but still get the needed exercise for a good life. Generally at least once a day we get in an hour plus of this level of exercise.

We got back to the Castle about 1000 and the campground was saying good bye to lots of visitors as they pulled out to head home. The camper density had been pretty high this weekend but mostly just pleasant folks visiting with each other. 

The OFM is going to try to make this afternoon the third afternoon in a row to play 9 holes of golf. It is about a three mile walk pulling the golf cart with the clubs. That seems to be about the right amount for the OFM to have fun and get tired. More than that we feel he needs to use a motorized cart or his hips and knees will gripe.

Speaking of griping, we have way too many tree rats in this area. Everywhere you go there is a tree rat making a mess. On our last walk here was one on a building eating and making a mess. They will tear holes in an RV if they think they want something. As you can tell we are not a fan of tree rats.

The campground back in Rockport Tx is apparently well on its way to being back in business. Their facebook page is showing the work going on. It appears that the type of damage was mostly tree blowing down. The winter Texans should be in good shape for the normal arrivals about October first. They keep coming back because the Texas coast is way far the best place for trying to have tooooo much winter fun.

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