Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Wonderful Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-08-2022

We hit the Memorial Park trail earlier than usual this morning and the weather was excellent. The OFM got going well and after a little ways of warming up and testing his body we sped up to the fastest speed the OFM has gone in well over a year. Nope not running or jogging because we always had one foot on the ground so it was still walking. But his lungs could tell we were moving at a much greater pace. Nothing was hurting or felt stressed so we just kept on with the pace for about a mile and the OFM was getting tired so we slowed a bit so he could rest a little as we kept moving.

It turned out that for the rest of the half mile to the finish we had to go this was as fast as he could well handle it. He was into heavy breathing but still did not hurt. So it seems the ibuprofen treatment before the exercise is doing a good job.

When we got back to the starting location, the OFM sat for a bit on a bench and cooled down as we watched the morning moving along. It was a nice peaceful location and we enjoyed it for quite a while.

Then a drink of water and away we went to get busy on the rest of the day. It was a wonderfully glorious beginning of a new more vigorous life style we hope.

Back at the Castle the bad painting called for our attention and the OFM got busy with it while he cooled off some more. Along about 1600 we called the new version of the painting completed. A MAJOR lesson from this effort is that we found out the biggest trouble with the painting was that it was on the wrong paper. We had grabbed paper for colored pencil painting and not a wet medium like watercolor pencil. So now we will try watercolor pencil again but making sure it is on the correct paper for a wet medium the next time.

Here is Desert Moth done closer to right than the version posted yesterday.

Between the morning's great park walk and figuring out the main trouble with the painting we have had a fantastic day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Better living through chemistry. I guess I've said that before. But ibuprofen can be a good thing. And yes, you have improved that painting!

  2. Barney! You have discovered the secret to all my exercise. I used to take a tylenol half way through a Now if I know I am going to have a hard hike or bike ride, I make sure to include that tylenol in my pouch. It eliminates inflammation as it is gathering in the joints, and I can sleep better too.