Piling Critters


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-22-2022

It was not a mundane day today. We rolled out of bed while it was barely dimly any light showing outside. Breakfast and miscellaneous were accomplished when the OFM grabbed the grocery list and away we went to Walmart to resupply the kitchen food locker.

While we were reading labels and learning things a big crash of thunder happened out side. We figured some rain must be near. After checking out we got to the door and it was gray but dry outside. We said our goodbye to the door guard and jumped into Sierra. A few drops hit us on the way to the Castle but when we stopped at the stop sign in front of the campground entry this is the photo we got.

The groceries were quickly put into the Castle just before the OFM jumped in. It was soon pouring down for about thirty minutes. It was a good rain for the grass here. But we found out later that this small part of town is the only part that more than a sprinkle of rain.

The rest of the day was spent in fishing, talking, staying dry and checking to make sure we had all the food parts for some meals during the next week.

Down at the harbor we saw these two critters climbing a piling that goes up into the secondary court room.

They seemed to be feeding on the algae on the piling. But no fish were biting so we moved on and found a fellow named Travis to talk fishing with for about an hour. That was fun.

What do you call a Country Fried Steak, potato salad, coleslaw and a mug of cheap root beer???

Why supper of course!

And that is a nice way to finish out a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. That little palapa style shelter looks awfully like a mushroom. Also, the cement base seems to be completely exposed to wave action. Not long for this world being upright.

    1. It has made about four years while the beach has receded about twelve feet inland.

    2. A good illustration of why I've never considered a permanent house on the beach, not to mention hurricanes.

  2. Mother Nature has a way of keeping things in line including our ability of having tooooo much fun.
    Nice looking supper.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.