Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


Not A Boring Day


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-03-2022

Today was a varied and never boring day but nothing like planned. Morning walking ended broken into three pieces and all of them at the beach park. The first one started after the OFM went out on the wooden pier to try out another of his wild hair ideas about fishing rods etc. Total flop is the best description.

So the gear was stored in Sierra and he set off on a nice roundabout walk. By the time we got in about ¾ mile the wind was so strong the sand was stinging the OFM when it hit him. So we shut down the walking for a bit.

After the little windstorm was finished we walked out on the rock pier at the entrance to the beach park. The waves were too large but the wind did not sting so we did some hardcore foolish fishing. We got lots of vigorous hits from fish but did not have any luck hooking any. About the moment we were reeling in the lure to visit with our friend who lives in a house boat in the marina next door, we hooked the fish that grabbed the lure at the last minute and saw that the critter was an undersized skip jack. It was good to go visit our friend.

He and the OFM wagged their jaws for over an hour while sitting on the fan tail of the houseboat watched the brown colored ducks playing around in the water. The OFM headed for lunch but got stopped at Sierra to help some tourists from Spain get oriented on the area and have more fun. They we very nice folks.

After that was finished we headed on out for lunch. Sierra gave notice it was time for an oil change, so after lunch we stopped at Walmart and got Sierra taken care of. On the way back to the Castle the OFM had another incredibly brilliant idea about an infallible guaranteed way to catch the fish inside the beach park.

As the OFM was proving again he is a fool we became aware of a Coast Guard helicopter hovering out about three miles in the bay from the pier we were on.

We also noticed a big nice offshore fishing boat doing a grid search type of pattern near the chopper. This went on for a long time. The hovering chopper lowered a crew member down to the water then brought the crew member back on board the chopper. This was done several times.

Finally the chopper flew off but the big fishing boat stayed and kept on working a search grid.

By now it was time to head back to the Castle and start on supper. We have no idea what the event was.

Like we said at the first of the blog tonight, it was definitely not a boring day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Active days like that are hard not to have tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I was a flight mechanic in those helicopters way back when... Wow! I retired 25 years ago!
    Sometimes I miss the flying