Storm Pictures


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-25-2022

It was a night last night. Sleep was in bits and pieces but frequent and somewhat restful.

In the meantime a really nasty wet storm rattled the campground and as you will see the whole area until right at 1300 lunch time. The rain and clouds and strong winds moved out in about thirty minutes of dissipating. The rest of the day made for a couple of restful naps and reasonable temps for a change from the HOT afternoons.

Late morning we went out to check on things in the area. We had enough rain to get to the just before flooding starts before the rains quit.

Here are three pictures take a bit before the nasty weather started to shut down. This was the bulkhead out at the start of the harbor. We missed getting the big wave pictures but these will do just fine.

At one spot we got out of the wind sort of and found a bird hiding in the same area. It is perched where the shrimp boat cabin is giving the bird some wind relief. We bet that bird is enjoying its rest.

Somewhere during the meandering today we grabbed this picture of an arched spider web. The web was about nine inches high arc and twelve inches wide. We have no idea what the white stuff is coated on the web but we do know for sure it was a really strong web to be able to resist the excessive wind we were having.

From about 1300 on it was a beautiful day and the OFM just meandered around the area trying to heal faster. Healing faster was a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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