Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico


What A Mess?


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-18-2022

What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google is apparently working on their system and the rest of the world is suffering from it. We have readers not able to sign in, not able to post, not able to you name it. Sorry folks but google is treating the Teams the same as you. We have zero control or knowledge about the mess that is happening but hope it is finished soon.

In the mean time we need to clarify that the OFM Teams have many visits to both Palo Duro Canyon State Park on the north end and Caprock Canyons on the South end of Palo Duro Canyon. Both locations are great places to play. One thing different is that We have heard that Cap Rock Canyons no longer allows kayaking on there freshwater lake any more. We have no idea if that is correct or not. It was a nice small lake with good fishing in it. A place like Palo Duro Canyon certainly makes the OFM lonesome for bikes and kayaks again.

We were there several times during the first years of our full time travels. We have biked and hiked virtually every legal place to play in the canyon. And we started the travels on October 7, 2007. Palo Duro Canyon its self is a great place for lots of fun. We know there are other great spots up there. It is near the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado so you will have lots of places for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, I'll see if this works. So far so good. Captcha has messed with me on a couple of other blogs. Here goes, I'm going to press publish.

  2. I can't remember why you gave up your bike... I have an electric assist ebike (I have to be turning the pedals for the motor to engage), it feels like I'm cheating when I go up hills. I try to exercise on the way out and turn the battery on for the ride back.
    I'm not doing mountain bike stuff, this is bike path and other paved surfaces, it makes exploring easier.

    1. I gave up bikes and kayaking because I was having very bad balance troubles. I am well into a medical solution life change effort that is working out very well so far. In fact during this mornings walk I purposely tested how my balance recovery is coming without losing any blood for a change. There is hope. I am not against electric assist bikes but I really want to provide all my own power again for yaks and bikes. Thank you for your assistance and the information.

    2. You don't have to turn the motor on...just saying.

    3. Thank you for the information on the electric bikes. It will be considered in the future as my life keeps changing way to often these days.