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Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-29-2022

When we opened the computer this morning, a few readers wanted more details on the adult coloring books and how we use them. So here we go. You will have your choice of hundreds of them when you do an Internet search for adult coloring books. Our best luck for the kind of coloring books we like is a company named “Dover”. Hobby Lobby sometimes has a few decent ones also. Here is the one for tonight's demo.

There are hundreds to choose from at Dover alone much less the whole internet.

What you can expect inside a coloring book is a slightly more sophisticated drawing than a kids coloring book. All of ours so far, are landscape based and actually if you follow the blog often you have likely seen several that have been shown completed in the past. An important part to the OFM Teams is to have area and opportunities to add our own geee whizes and by gollies to the drawings.

We add parts to the drawings or take parts out or do whatever strikes the OFM as something he wants to try. These books are always under $10 and will have at least thirty drawings to work with. There are also other styles of coloring books that give you many more options that we have not tried.

For our uses we have found that the Prismacolor brand is very good and very flexible for application and forgiveness about mistakes. Faber-Castelle was very good but we liked the feel of the Prismacolor better. Try them all! Most of our purchases for supplies have been through Blick mail order supplies.

Ok that is the quick tour.

Today has been a bit of a frustrating day with all the holiday traffic. So, we got to put in some really nice time just color booking our little heart out. Lo and behold we have a painting finished we think.

Here is the latest painting for your amusement.

It was a wonderful journey toward trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. So lots of people down there at present. Know some people who usually go to Corpus on the weekend and go out on their boat to fish. They readied their boat for a trip home early tomorrow, just lots of people everywhere, and too much wind for fishing. Still, they got out of town. And you can stay out of it because you have nice things to do inside.

  2. Just want to tell you. YOUR blog makes MY heart happy. Thank YOU!