Catfish Catching Run


Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today's Date: 5-10-2022

As the OFM rolled out of bed this morning his knees mentioned gently that they were sore. Apparently the faster pace yesterday gave them some mild pain around the knee joints. So we made the decision to take it easy today and not hit up a path for a serious walk. We did make a lot of shorter walks in the stores and at the beach park a few times and on a fishing pier a couple of times. The soreness gradually went away by mid afternoon so we think we chose a good option.

The walking at Walmart coincided with our grocery trip for fresh vegetables for the Castle.

BUT a lot of the vegetables were definitely not fresh. For instance the bell peppers and radishes were a bit soft. The celery foliage was drooping but the stalks were nice and firm. A shopper had to be careful and choose everything carefully. We still spent about $26 on our purchases. The knee did not cause any trouble the rest of the day but we still took it easy.

Three different sessions of fishing at three different places produced no fish caught for the OFM Teams. However the folks at the wooden pier were filling ice chests with BIG FAT catfish to fill their freezers. A lot of fresh fish meat was headed to the home freezers this afternoon. The water was rough and discolored thanks to the roughness which kept the lures from working well but the dead bait was working very well. Here is the morning picture at the wooden pier, it was rougher in the afternoon,

When we did a short walk at the Little Bay side of the Beach Park we were finally able to get a long distance picture of the red shore birds. We found out they are roseate spoonbill birds. We also experienced the high speed they fly at
when changing feeding spots. They can cover a lot of distance RIGHT NOW when they choose to.

The high winds kept the day from being great but it still was a nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun at the coast of Texas.


  1. I had my weekly trip to HEB this morning and the produce was disappointing as well. In selection, quality and price. Those spoonbills are fun but I don't recall ever getting to see them fly.

  2. Love those Roseate Spoonbills! Florida is gaga over them...because they are the only pink they extirpated the Flamingos (they are doing okay in Central and South America). They are a beautiful bird to try and draw or paint (hint!)