Three Little PIgs


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 4-6-2021

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We don't know why but the OFM is running on low today, but things were happening any way.

When we went to Lawler's BBQ we found a nice decoration on the service counter. Here are the three pigs welcoming group for customers.

Earlier we went out for a long walk but the OFM was not up to a long walk so we did what he could stand. We were lucky enough to catch a few pictures along the way.

Here is a tree we have been watching for eight years expecting it to be knocked down any day now but it is still going strong.

At another location along the trail we found a single bush with these spectacular pink flowers. It is certainly an elegant flower we feel.

And at another location we spotted this yellow and red trumpet flower laying on the trail. We recall them from the years past and hope we have a good crop of them this year for photo purposes.

And we are now having to decide if we leave here April 15 or stay another month. The flowers are blooming out west is the attraction out that way. We will definitely be back here in late July for the birthday celebrations. Now we have to choose more places for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Be careful about getting too near those arched tree roots. They are a door to another world and you might not want to go there. If you do go, please, send us pictures.

  2. Don't worry it is a wonderful world but photographs are not allowed. You just have to experience it for yourself.

  3. Be careful if you go to the border area in Texas. I've been getting some mixed reports from folks over there but the common thread is to be careful because there are a lot of strangers wandering around. Have fun in whatever you do.

  4. Do you ever meander down to San Diego? We have some nice weather.

  5. I have been through and around San Diego Tx a few times.

  6. San Diego CA is where I was thinking.