Interior Remodeling Begins


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 4-19-2021

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Today became the day we reworked parts of the Castle. The object was to put some of the OFM art work out for display. So a trip to the store for some cheap picture frames and a few other items like green onions for the scrambled eggs we get to eat once in a while.

Back at the Castle we got out all the paintings and decided which ones would go on display in the first iteration of the art efforts. Then we spent a lot of time trying arrangements on the two walls we have chosen for the first effort. That actually took a couple of hours while the OFM mixed up how and where the paintings would be displayed to his best liking. Late in the afternoon we finally got to an agreement on the display.

Hanging started with careful measurements to get all the spacings to the correct style for the displays. It was surprisingly a longer time that we thought it would be at first.

The wall between the bedroom and the living room was the first completed. We even changed the inside thermometer to a small less conspicuous model. Our hope is to find a more decorative model in the future to occupy that space.

There were lots more options on display arrangements on the dinette wall, plus the thermostat was in the way. Nope we did not consider even for a fraction of a second to relocate the thermostat. So we spent over an hour trying different arrangements and size of frames to use for the wall arrangement. Then it took a long time to layout the drill holes in the wall for the mounting screws.

Why mounting with screws? Because the Castle is a trailer that boondocks in sometimes rough areas. Anything less that screwed solidly to the wall would result in damage to the picture and Castle as we navigate the sub-marginal “roads” we sometimes have to take. Parts of I-20 are definitely sub-marginal in some cities.

Here is the final arrangement for now. The paintings are mounted on the wall between the dining room and the bathroom.

Over all we are quite content with the arrangements that were accomplished in our little Castle. Please remember we only have 148 SF to work with for this and all the future changes. As far as the OFM is concerned, making the home nicer is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Well, I think you've done a pretty good placement job. Looks good to me. Never try to do a hanging of paintings with a bunch of old art ladies. Lots of eye-rolling, and I was actually nicely fired from the job of decision making. So maybe you shouldn't trust my judgement.

  2. Looks very nice! When I buy frames for my son's yearly school pictures I buy different style frames but they must be black. That way the frames mostly look the same and the picture is the center of attention. It's very rewarding to make your home your own.

  3. It looks great. And if you and your guests smile when they see your art on display, then it is perfect.

  4. Your own private art museum! A fun place to live. Good job!

  5. Looks great. Just getting them on display is the best part.

  6. These are beautiful Barney. Several of your studies remind me of beautiful illustrations from a botanical encyclopedia.

    Than you.