Get a Knot on your Head


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 4-5-2021

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The OFM legs were a bit cranky at first this morning but they soon were raring to hit the walking trail. It was a very nice morning and he got in almost three miles. Long the way he visited for a few minutes with a fisherman who had about five catfish longer than his forearm. There was going to be some good eating when that fisherman got home.

One thing that caught our attention was the millions of 34 pound pine cones that had fallen in the general area. This pile of cones was near the fence between the golf course and the walking path. They were about the size of the OFM's foot and shoe. We think they are named Ouch Cones.

On around the loop we found a spot on the fifteenth fairway of the golf course where it might not be wise to stand in the shade. In reality there were lots more like these three trees scattered all over the area just waiting for a decent target to meander under the tree.

The Gavin blog is running into trouble getting it into shape for publication. We are not sure what it is that is keeping the OFM computer from reading the files but we will figure it out eventually. Until it is corrected just sit back and relax while you wait for a neat posting from Gavin.

We spent a good bit of time this afternoon trying to learn how to do some particular art drawing that the OFM is not able to do yet. We will eventually learn, you can be certain about that. In the meantime the OFM considers learning new things to be a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Pine cones are such good fire starters. I collect them from the few trees in my neighborhood. Wonder why they aren't bundled up and sold as kindling or something. Ah well. Sometimes I think of things that have already been thought out in detail.
    Glad you are having decent weather.

  2. I think maybe I'd be better off standing under the tree. I was working under the tractor the other day and banged my head - then banged it in the same place on the same thing twice more! Shuda let The Wife do the tractor repairs - - -