Not Enough Time


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 4-15-2021

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The OFM Teams cannot understand how folks that are in our circumstances can claim they have nothing to do. The OFM hit the floor at a dead run this morning and as the typing of this sentence is happening our TO DO LIST has added several items to it. On top of that we did not get in a walk today and there are over 70 pictures awaiting attention.

One of the things we did do is start a renovation of the interior of the Castle. We decided that the OFM paintings now are good enough that we need to display a few of them.

After a careful examination of the quantities of paintings available and the small wall space available we made a guess that we can display about 12 each 5x7 size paintings in the living/kitchen/dining area of the Castle. So we are now involved in making this happen.

On the health front, the OFM seems to be healing from troubles with his left leg. That will be good if it totally heals soon. We wish we knew what caused the muscle pain but we cannot recall any falls or bonks to cause the pains.

And to top it off the flower bloom is really gong crazy so we need to try to wear out the camera for the next couple of weeks taking great flower pics all over the place.

Wow the OFM is tired just writing about all the stuff to do RIGHT NOW. But it also means we have lots of ways of trying to have tooooo much fun. Come out and play with us.


  1. Lovely pansies! Glad you are energized by spring. Hard not to be. Someday, some time, why don't you try just drawing something to paint....you know, with a pencil and some paper. I think you can draw....you've got a good eye.

    1. Then why don't we see more of that? Or have I negligently missed it.....that's possible. Seems like it's pre-drawn things you've done, lately. But tell me!!! Have I missed something? Oh my, if I have.

    2. The pre drawn things were being used so I could concentrate on learning how to blend and feather the colored pencils.

  2. Thanks for taking us with you. You have inspired a few of us I reckon.

    I have a question, what is reason/motivation for the blog?

    1. The OFM says he has to blog or he will pop like an old balloon.

  3. When my parents retired they told me they have no idea how they managed to get everything done while they were working. Now that I'm retired I know just what they meant.