Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Path Reopens


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al.

Adventure Date: 4-30-2021

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Somebody had an exciting event recently.

On the way back to the Castle this morning we passed this new marker in the curve of the campground road. Apparently someone was not paying attention and cut the curve way to close. From the very fresh scrape marks on the concrete culvert we guess the trailer may have had some serious suspension damage. There is plenty of room on this curve for even a commercial tractor trailer to navigate the road. So there is no good excuse for an RV leaving those marks. At least it was not an OFM error this time.

Speaking of the Castle here is a better picture of our end of the row site.

We have no Rvs on three sides and on the left in the picture is a large toy hauler trailer with a seldom there owner. We seldom have a lot of folks near us but a good bit of vehicle traffic does come by during the day since the intersection to our right leads to about half of the campground sites. At night nothing seems to come or go. For a large full campground it is a good location.

A nice surprise greeted us on the morning walk this morning. A path that has been closed since we got here six weeks ago is open again and we took it this morning. It is a nice natural path to begin or end a longer walk. The other end from the campground intersects with four other walking paths that loop all over the place.

It is nice to have this path available again.

We got in a few hours of painting and messing around with art stuff today. Someday we will have something new to display. In the mean time the OFM is really enjoying the art efforts as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Those Scrape Marks were probably caused by someone playing with their Phone instead of concentrating on the task at hand, Driving.
    Your new location and the paths in the park look like a great way for having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Artwork.

    It's about time.