Nice Morning


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-7-2021

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The morning sunrise was really nice we thought.

Soon after sunrise the Teams were off to do grocery shopping at Walmart in Rio Grande City to our south. It is about a 30 mile drive to get there but gas was 18 cents cheaper there than in Roma.

The store is very nice but a little smaller than a regular Walmart Supercenter so we had to substitute a couple of things for what was available instead of exactly what we wanted. But it was all nice and fresh.

A local hardware store in Roma was checked out to get an idea of what is available close to the camping area. It was well supplied also but quantities available were small. It is obvious that it is not serving a town of 100,000 folks.

Back in the county park we began looking at what to do next before heading to Alabama. The cold front headed our way is changing some ideas the OFM had about traveling. As a result of that we went over to check out the “dump station” here.

Dump station

It isn't pretty but it works well according to a couple of long time campers here. We still do not know what we will do next.

Meanwhile the sunset this evening was nice. This picture was taken from the west side of the Castle looking through the campground.

We hope everyone had at least as much fun as we did while trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Yes, they are saying COLD starting on Friday. Well, actually Thursday, but much colder thereafter. I do love the photo of the delicate flower with fog drops against your big old hand. The dump station is really pretty fancy looking, but I suspect you can cope if you choose to.