Connection Maintainence


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-27-2021

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An important part of trailering is having the electrical systems of the trailer properly connected to the tow vehicle. To the OFM Teams thinking the most important part of that umbilical cord connection is the trailer brakes contacts. So the OFM regularly cleans the contacts for all the wires where the trailer plugs into Sierra.

It can be a pain at times but we like to be sure we have trailer brakes working when we need them. Here is how we do the cleaning. This has proven to be very necessary when we are at the coast and the salt environment.

A finger nail file is notched to fit the size of the contacts in the connection.

The small end then is gently rubbed on the plug contacts and the tow vehicle contacts to help have a fresh metal to metal connection. Here is the file fitted into the female part of the plug assembly.

It does not take a lot of grinding usually but only a few in and out movements to give us good electrical contact.

About all we did today was minor get ready to move things. We filled the fresh water tank full. The gray and black water tanks are not even half full yet so they will hold another 8-10 days of use. The trip to Grandkid land is only 4 days so when we hook up to the sewer in Decatur we will have an easy opportunity to dump and flush all the tanks..

The view of the Castle in the rear view mirror should give the Teams a good dose of trying to have tooooo much fun.