Near Term Plan Disintegrated


Adventure Location: Zapata, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-18-2021

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Nothing much but waiting for warm enough weather to move around a bit. We had about four minutes of power around 1315 just to tease us. The Teams rent runs out tomorrow so we will be moving back to Falcon County Park for several days.

We were going to Falcon State Park for a week but a notice that FSP has closed came in by email at 1600 today. That reservation is now canceled. So now we are looking at about 9 days of free boondocking before we start our journey to Grandkid Land in north Alabama.

Here is a painting that has been hiding in the Castle for a few months because it was ashamed to be seen in public. Not much of it worked out well.

Sitting around in the Castle with miserable weather outside has been an effort. Yesterday we took a short walk down the boat ramp to the lake bed and meandered a bit. But there was no pictures worth taking and plenty of household trash scattered around. We really plan on not coming to this area again to stay. The whole Zapata area is not on our recommended list. It is a good place to buy gas between Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

The forecast for today/tonight is 46/28F. Compare that to the weather records average for this time of 74/50F. Usually it is decently warm here by now.

WOW The electricity came back on about 1630 and is still on at 1830. Maybe we will have power all night tonight. We hope so since the 28F can be a bit chilly. However this should be the last cold night in this area for several months.

Well this has been an interesting day of ups and downs and plans being destroyed. But power was still on at supper time and the OFM had pancakes with peanut butter and lite syrup. He really likes them and considers having them a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Ok, I'll bite. What's wrong with the cactus painting? Understand my skills at painting are limited to house painting.

  2. The major overall flaw was I could not get the blending from one part of the plant/flower to the next part to look right. You might think of it as the gentle change from a bright part of a leaf to the lesser brightness of the leaf. By not having the blending that happens in real life the painting looks flat. The good part is after many more hours of reading and practice I am better now than I was at the time of this painting. A person has to actually do it and practice it to finally learn it.

    1. By the way Judy, I would really enjoy reading your blog again if you started writing again.

  3. I'm a Judy too, and also didn't see your problem with it. Blending looks pretty good to me. Though there probably are petals that could use more. Well, practicing the skill over and over as you are doing is the answer. And I'm never completely satisfied with what I paint.
    I am glad you have survived so far. In spite of having the big three this entire episode - heat, lights, and water, this business has made me a bit grumpy. I know many who have had a much harder time. Maybe I should try peanut butter on pancakes as a cure.

  4. I say good effort. I like it. Especially the purple background.
    You have to call it done eventually. Sometimes you get tired of it first.
    Glad to hear from you. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. The Ball Cactus looks very nice.
    I'm no artist but I remember softening the pencil colours by blending them with a tissue. Might be worth a try for new or old paintings.
    If it warms up where you are at might be worth the delay to Grandkid land.
    Just having warmer temperatures and Power is a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

  6. You reminded me that, as a kid, one of my friends taught me to stir together peanut butter and syrup and spread it on bread. I forgot that years ago. You do tend to trigger memories from time to time. Thank you.

  7. You obviously enjoy the craft/hobby.
    Creators of art are generally harsher critics & harder on themselves than those who appreciate and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.
    Personally I feel the piece is among your best efforts....
    With as much research & time spent into your efforts ya gota hit gold once in a while sir.