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Adventure Location: Falcon Heights, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-14-2021

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Why is it that when you put your mug of water in the microwave that no matter where the handle points at the end of the hearing cycle the handle always points as away from you as possible?

A couple of days ago while walking at Falcon County Park the OFM noticed an odd object hanging from the boundary fence. It was definitely old and rusted. The OFM finally got close enough to figure out what it was. AH HA it is an old chain saw chain. Now what in the world would it be doing hanging around here for years?

On another walk along the lake beach we saw several birds of prey gathered on some old trees. We tried to get close for a photo but the birds did not like the Team getting even a little close. So here is what we could finally get at maximum zoom hand held. It is close to a miracle.

All around the area of the state park and the county park are these mud tubes surrounding grass leaves or twigs. We have no idea what they are but hope a reader will know and let us know.

And tonight is supposed to be 21F. We are exceptionally glad to be on 120v hookups for this cold front. Even though we have propane it is nice to be able to have heat all night long with the electric heaters. The OFM refuses to sleep at night with any type of open flame heater running in the Castle. One little oops could be the end of ever trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Ah geez. That cold way down there? It's 7 here and has been snowing all day. So far so good. Still have electricity and water.
    Is that a caracara? Looks like it. I've never seen one.
    As for those tubes, I don't have a clue. I seem to remember something like them, but not that many and that long. Hope someone can tell us.
    Stay warm.

  2. Just guessing about the tubes maybe there.....

    Ecologically friendly straws to replace the evil plastic ones.

    Homes for tiny Martians that are here to take over the earth one square inch at a time.

    Mud Dauber's needing remedial training.



  3. Hi, Barney. I've been too busy here in North Texas trying to get ready for this weather. Did not read your blog since Friday. Now I thought to check on you since the whole state is in the deep freeze. I am so glad to know you are hooked up.
    The joke is that you might have heat while we don't in the near future. Too many people using too much. I just heard many power outages already. I'm dreading coping with my Old Man who thinks 70 is cold! And my poor little Yorkies are bumfuzzled about all the white stuff. They can't find their usual bathroom spots. And, they actually sink in the snow. It's higher than their legs are long! I'm TRYING to have fun here!

  4. Thanks for the post Barney and everyone for the answers.
    The bird looks like Monet painted it.
    Have a good day staying warm.

  5. Like the new header.
    You are making us jealous being able to easily explore your surroundings while having tooooo much fun.
    Even with the smart Blue Flame Heater we shut it down to pilot on nights below the Freeze Mark.
    Be Safe and continue Enjoying the good life.

    It's about time.

  6. That bird photo looks like an impressionist painting.

    I believe the mud tubes (actually carton) are from desert termites.