New Road


Adventure Location: Falcon County Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-8-2021

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Folks please be forewarned that getting the blog published from now on will have a change. Starting tonight due to intermittent Internet availability the blog will publish whenever we get the chance to publish. The header will show the date of the blog adventure and may not match the date of publishing. It is not unexpected we could easily miss 2-3 days before publishing due to unfortunate local situations of no Internet.

A week or so ago we published a picture of the boat ramp here at Falcon SP. There was a trickle of water to the prop wash pool at the bottom of the ramp. Today we took a look at the ramp situation and good grief it is a lot worse. There is no water in sight of the ramp. This lake is drying up fast.

The county park we are in has been getting a lot of road work inside the park. The roads are clay and dirt and were ready for some help. The last few days a county road grader has been leveling, smoothing and other things. The roads are in pretty good shape now. Then they added gravel to the main road in to make it even better. Here is the grader at work by the main gate.

And on into the park all the way to the back side the surface was refinished with more gravel and clay.

The fellow operating the equipment was very good at handling it. AND he was extremely polite to help vehicles coming in or leaving have lots of room to clear his grader.

Today the OFM took a bit of a walk over to an area to consider it for a place to relocate within the park.

It is a large area with no one close. However it has a large abundance of low growing brush with large formidable thorns. We decided to stay where we are near the entrance so coming and going will continue to be easier.

It was a full day and we did a lot of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I don't remember if you've ever mentioned how your getting your Internet signal, but if it's the hotspot on your cell phone, a decent cell phone antenna on your trailer will help a lot. It's not much good if there's no signal but if the signal is intermittent, or weak it might put you back in business again.


    1. That's good, I use a Verizon hotspot myself. Verizon calls it Mifi, and it's far cheaper than using my phones hotspot. So my recommendation remains the same, a good boosted cell phone antenna on your Arctic Fox might make a big difference in weak signals, this of course depends on your carriers coverage in the area. Since my normal locations are usually out in the sticks I wouldn't be getting much Internet if it wasn't for a cell phone antenna. And I consider having reliable Internet as a big part of being "comfortable" while boondocking.


    2. You are correct, I have donated two of them to tree limbs during my travels.

    3. My antenna is mounted on a telescoping painters pole that I bought from Home Depot, and I put it down when I'm traveling..... When I remember.