Around The Neighborhood


Adventure Location: Zapata, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-13-2021

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Cold and wet drizzle welcomed the OFM Teams to our first morning in Zapata. We went about house hold chores and breakfast. Then nearing noon it was fix some stoup for a few meals.

can of chili, cut up carrot, big pile of cut up onions, can of corn, can of black beans and the pot was full. So some chosen spices were added and it was cooking time. About a half hour later the Lawlers BBQ sauce was added. About ten minutes more simmer and it was lunch time. And a wonderful lunch it was with tortillas to sop up the juicy parts. Close to fantastic it was.

After the dishes were cleaned and put away, the vacuum was put to use inside and it was quickly more comfortable going barefoot with the pebbles removed.

A little later in the day we went for a ride around the neighborhood. The temp according to Sierra was 35F. And a dark gray for lighting.

This particular yard had a large crop of huge cactus growing in it. The taller ones had to be over eight feet high.

Then on down the street a bit, and actually several places in the neighborhood, were oranges still on the tree waiting to get frozen tonight. That sure is a waste of good oranges.

Down around the corner was a pile of yard decorations. It went from a giraffe to chickens to an alligator and plenty of other critters. We plan to go back and photograph the critters with individual pictures.

Then it was back to the Castle. We did notice several more photo opportunities but we want to wait for a more bright day for them. So far it has been easy to get out and around for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Um. I would have been tempted to swipe some oranges. Unless there was a fence in my way. Stay warm. Glad you are settled in.

  2. The Stoup looks tasty.
    Like Judith I might have asked to pick those oranges.
    Colourful items to photograph makes for a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Stay Safe and warm while Enjoying the freedom.

    It's about time.