A Gentle Awakening


Adventure Location: Zapata, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-12-2021

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The LOUD piercing scream of the electronic alarm coming from inside the Castle gently wakened the OFM to a slight trouble in the making. So he politely arose and calmly decided it was the refrigerator alarm telling the Teams it was hungry for more propane.

The OFM gently removed the mass of warm blankets and other items from his body, put on his shoes and gently caressed a flashlight into the palm of his hand. Out the door he went into the wonderful cold light rain to swap the LPG over to the full tank.

He felt fortunate to have had the adventure of being awakened at 0300 to take care of that chore. We hope every one of our readers believes the OFM was that calm and collected.

This morning while eating breakfast watching the battery level slowing heading down from 12.18 volts, a command decision was made. We packed up and rolled north to Zapata and the Lakefront Lodge to a run of the mill RV slot with great Internet service, water, sewer, 120v electrical and a laundry close by.

It wasn't really quite this bright outside.

Three days of heavy overcast was more than the solar set up on the Castle could compensate for. The 45 mile trip getting to Zapata was long enough that Sierra had the Castle's batts back up to 12.53 volts when we started setting up.

So here we are enjoying not having to wear 4 inches of clothes just to drink hot tea. Thinking of how nice it will be to sleep in a cool atmosphere tonight with only a light cover. The temperatures are going to be even lower for the next few nights.

This blog entry is being totally done from our seat in the Castle without any need to go out and about in Sierra and the wet cold to find a spot with Internet to post it. Yep the OFM is a softy and enjoys not being miserably cold.

Driving to Zapata was a really wonderful way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. To me long-term boondocking is only possible if you are young, tough, and have something to prove. Or are properly set up to remain comfortable, no matter what the weather or how long it lasts. I'm the one that's young, tough, and have something to prove.


  2. Whew. You moved where you have some backup. The next week isn't going to be pretty. So glad you are in a "softy" spot.

  3. Cold is no way to have fun so good move.

  4. I'm glad you moved. Was wondering what you would do.
    Don't like to think of you being without what you need to have fun.

  5. Sometimes, ya just got to bite the bullet and come in out of the cold and get warm. From a couple of other blogs, they say it is gonna get REALLY cold in Texas this coming week.

  6. you posted a picture of a orange tree they look like wild orange , they are bitter have enjoy your blog.