Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Beach Meander


Adventure Location: Falcon State Park, Texas

Adventure Date: 2-24-2021

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We had no target for today's walk so we just went off into the trails looking for adventure. And we found it several times today. Tonight's report is about a beach walk.

It started with a glance down the boat ramp and there it was for a change, water. It has been many days since any water was visible at the bottom of the ramp.

That happen stance made the OFM think of walking the beach for a change of pace. Since we were at the top of the “road” going down to the beach it seemed to be a good idea.

So we meandered on down the hill towards the boat launch area and the beach. It looks like a nice walk and it was.

There are lots of “sea shells” on this beach but only two main varieties. One is a spiral shell and the other is a clam shell style.

The beach meandering went well but there is not near the amount of “finds” available that we find on the Gulf of Mexico beaches. The clam shell inside is a brightly polished mirror with all sorts of pretty swirls to see. The camera could not catch the swirls nearly as well as the human eye did. But here is a look at what the camera could do.

As we followed the beach on around we finally came to the end of the beach that you are allowed to drive. The sign and bob war fence (barbed wire to you non-Texans) has been here for many years. But you are allowed to bike or walk on past the fence if you choose. The OFM chose yes many times in years past.

From this point we meandered our way back to our start point by way of the brush, stickers and deer/javelina trails up the hill. A little cross country travel is good for the soul now and then, even if you have to watch for rattlesnakes.

The rest of the day has been very eventful also. By the time things settled down the OFM was tuckered out and the heat was a bit nasty.

But naturally we had to grab some energy from some where to run over to the picnic area to photograph the evening sunset. We like how the Mexican mountains show in the sun light.

Back to the Castle we went only to find out the park water is off for the night at least. Oh well that is just one more thing to add to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. Beautiful sunset and fun time at the beach.