Peaceful and Calm

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
Adventure Date:July, 2018
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The park has been very mild today for the most part. Folks have been very reasonable without any obnoxious behavior near the Teams. The fireworks show this evening should be a loud one. Then the folks using the shuttle will be exiting right through the campground. Well before midnight it shuld all be calmed down.

We caught a couple of nice pictures. This is an egret (we think) that was peacefully attempting to capture supper. The OFM took the picture with max telephoto and cropped it down. That kept us from bothering the hungry bird.

We have been telling you of the lack of wind in this area. Here is a picture of what we mean. As we looped on a trail near some 3 to 4 foot high grass this stem appeared right in front of us. The OFM messed around for a couple of minutes taking a few pictures of it. It was dead calm and sweaty hot but the grass never moved. In fact it was a lot steadier than the OFM.

At least today we did have a lot of folks out trying to have tooooo much fun politely.

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