Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


New Plans?

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:July 20, 2018
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WOW it was big excitement for the day when the OFM went back to Walmart to return two items that did not work out well.  The excitement around here is overwhelming these days.

Maybe the small tall tree falling across the corner of the campsite was a bit more exciting....maybe not. It was a dead rotted tree that needed to be laid down anyway so it was a good event since nothing got damaged.

Today the park folks came by and cut it up and hauled it away to who nows where. The OFM was about about to hyper ventilate from all the excitement.

We spent a lot of time today staying in the AC by trying to decide if we want to leave Decatur on July 30 or stay another week. For the moment we are leaning slightly to leaving a week early and spending a few days in some Texas State Parks while taking eleven days to go 995 miles. That is less than 100 miles a day. Mr. Boondork would be proud of the Teams slowing down to that speed and a better effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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