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Almost Home

Adventure Location:Decatur, Al.
Adventure Date:July 21, 2018
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The OFM woke this morning with no agenda. But before you could tell his mind recalled a purchase we need to make since all the recent clean-out made room for it. The Castle in the cooler weather and down at the coast collects a lot of moisture inside. We normally have a dehumidifier inside running to take all the water out. Keep in mind the Castle is only 149 square feet or about the size of a ordinary master bed room.

A large dehumidifier is not good. We need the 30 pints model so it will do the job well. The last time we hit the coast in cool weather the only dehumidifier in the Corpus Christi area was a 70+/- pint model. It was just to big and did not work out well. So when we left last February it wasgotten rid of.

The OFM recalled that the local Walmart had three of the 30 pint models in stock. We ought to get  one while the getting is good was his thought. So we headed on over and got one and a couple of fishing lures. Back at the Castle we unpacked the humidifier and set it up for a test run. Since everything seemed to be running well, the packing box was put away under the bed. As he straightened up, the OFM’s lower back said GOTCHA. And the day changed dramatically.

So since that moment he has been having to be very careful and keep the ibuprofen level up in his system.  At least it seems to be healing slowly, but it has to get better so we can leave whenever it becomes time to leave.

That gotcha put him into the mode where the most active thing he could do today is finish a small painting he has been piddling with.

This is a painting attempted on mixed media paper with watercolor pencils. This combination turned out to be comfortable to work with. However it is still just pretty paper wasted while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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